This Pitbull Looks Gorgeous In Her Own Maternity Photoshoot

This Pitbull Looks Gorgeous In Her Own Maternity Photoshoot

The adorable pitbull, Mama Pickles, was spotted lost on the road all alone. Her rescuers figured out instantly that she needs help as she was very pregnant.

The animal control team took her off the street and tried to know the place she came from. They knew where her owners are and they told them that they don’t want her anymore so she had been left in the shelter.

The labor had to happen very soon and her belly was already huge. She needed more help than the shelter can offer. However, fortunately, she was helped by a rescue called Pits & Giggles. This nonprofit organization was specialized in taking care of pregnant dogs and their puppies. Even though Mama Pickel’s belly was so big that she couldn’t walk properly, she jumped from happiness when she met her rescue friends.

A volunteer from Pits & Giggles Rescue photographer and volunteer Lauren Casteen Sykes that their mission was to rescue and care mothers. They save pregnant or nursing mothers in shelters and grant them the care they need to deliver their puppies and raise them safely. Before they get adopted, puppies and mothers are spayed or neutered and sent to the ideal home that suits their personalities. Photographing these puppies and their mothers give them more opportunity to be seen and adopted.

Everybody was happy with Mama Pickles’ poses in the photos. She looked like a Diva! But her huge tummy was getting in her way and it was hilarious. She looks like a model, although she had a short leg yet she admired the attention she received. The hardest thing they experienced is that they couldn’t make her stop licking us easily. She always asks for attention and belly rubs. She was also very happy to even sit still. The team expressed that seeing her so happy, wagging her tails, sticking her tongue was the most amazing feeling in the world.

After that, soon, Mama Pickles deliver 8 amazing, healthy female babies. So, they decided to do her another photoshoot, but this time with her wonderful puppies. She looked prouder and she looked like a good mother taking care of her girls.