This puppy was in cage for 6 years, and abused!

Imagine yourself living in puppy mill cage for 6 years? How would you feel?
This abused puppy was being neither more nor less , a prisoner.
This dog suffered a lot , and it’s time to set him free and give him some love,care and attention! This little puppy was expecting good life, with true love, to be in family who will love him, but suddenly , the car hit him.

His owner left his puppy , and this puppy was faced with terrific life. Suddenly, he was given to a breeder at a puppy mill. And being in closed cage for 6 years. How cruel can his owner be, to give up on him in the most difficult moments? But after all of this , this Dog have pure heart and loves people! He is able to trust humans again! This Dog was just searching for your love, if you don’t want to give it to him, the other one will! Respect animals!

Video Source : National Mill Dog Rescue