This Smart Dog Went Alone To The Police Station To Report Himself Missing!

Thousands of dogs get lost every day in the world. Sadly, many of them don’t return and their owners don’t find where they are. However, there are some dogs that are very intelligent, more than even the normal intelligence of other dogs! Super smart dog, just like the following story.

This dog entered the police station to report someone who is lost. YES, he was reporting himself missing! Obviously he was bored wandering the streets and he understood that he is not in his area.

So, he reached the Odessa Police Department in Texas just when they opened their doors, to find a little dog came in with a lot of excitement. They thought he was just coming here by coincidence. However, they knew he’s not, he came here to report himself missing!

He was the missing one.

Once the officers saw him, they realized he’s lost.

He went to the police station because he was seeking help, he needed someone to take him home because he didn’t know how to do that alone.

According to the police officer, the dog didn’t look nervous at all. He said that they were happy to see him entering the station and had a ball that they played with him some fetch. Everyone in the place loved him.

However, they had to solve his case even though they enjoyed his company a lot.

He wore a collar that should have his identity information, and if it wasn’t there, they had to know with the microchip. However, before doing anything, the dog disappeared again.

The police station shared it on Facebook and the owner of the dog responded the next day.

The owner said that his dog came home and that he lives a mile from the police station.

The dog’s name is Chico, he is home now and his owner is proud of him for acting too smart! Good Boy Chico!

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