Most dogs carry bliss and love for their owner’s life. However, Ivy, an Australian Shepherd living in North Carolina, has an extra ability. Not just has the 7-year-old dog figure out how to make current works of art using colorful acrylic paints, yet her owner also offers them to fund-raise for good cause in the midst of coronavirus.

Obviously, painting isn’t this capable puppy’s just unique skill, agreeing to Southern Living. Proprietor Lisa Kite resigned nurture, has just shown this generally excellent young lady how to open and close entryways, play Jenga, and get her human beverages from the refrigerator.

Ivy figured out how to paint after her human mom got her an extraordinary paintbrush she to can grasp with her mouth. From that point forward, the little guy has transformed into a normal “pup-casso,” exhibiting a reasonable ability and enthusiasm for her new side interest.

“She’s very opinionated about what she wants to do,” Lisa said. “Sometimes I’ll say, ‘Don’t add so much of that color. Just put a little.’ But she’ll grab a brush and go crazy with it.”

As indicated by Lisa, the dog has also shown a great love for the color blue, which makes sense, regarding these semi color-blind animals see yellow, blue, and gray most clearly. But Ivy works with the other colors, as well, generally, choosing a color every day to scrawl across many paintings.

Each piece will take 3 a month to finish, yet they can likewise sell for up to $500 dollars per piece — which are all given to the good cause. Lisa has just sold 600-700 of Ivy’s takes a shot at Instagram, and Ivy’s artworks have just supported 2,000 pounds of food at a food bank since the pandemic started.

Watch the talented dog in the video below!