The RSPCA, found this little puppy, Doris, at the age of 4 days near to trash cans and they said that she was too small to be left on her own like that.

He was so weak and young, she was in a bad need of attention and care. They had to bottle-feed her as she had no mother to nurse her naturally. The manager of RSPCA, Liz Wood, took her for 3 months as a foster to help her recover and grow healthy. She was tiny and she could have died if she was not rescued at the right time. She expressed how sad she is that someone threw a very tiny puppy to suffer alone.

Thanks to Liz, and with some extra luck, Doris grew up to be a happy and healthy German Shepherd mixed breed dog. Also, her good spirit found a forever loving family and home very quickly! She makes everyone’s lives brighter.