Top 4 Incredible Abilities Of Dogs

Incredible Abilities Of Dogs
Incredible Abilities Of Dogs

Top 4 Incredible Abilities Of Dogs

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Top 4 Incredible Abilities Of Dogs
Scientists have discovered that almost all dogs are endowed with four unique features.

1 – Incredible Abilities Of Dogs

Dogs can experience our mood and worry for us

Many times you have seen your dog yawning, right? People yawn because they have a condition of fatigue, and for dogs yawning is one of the tools to communicate with people. Yawning, dogs show their empathy.

Moreover, when we are in a bad mood, dogs feel it and react – wag their tails and bow their heads. This is the form of consolation. That’s why dogs are considered to be good “therapists”. They can listen without interrupting and follow you everywhere.

You can say that dogs have an ability to read our emotions, but how?

The fact is that all people, no matter if they are right-handed or left-handed, show emotions on the right side of the face.  And dogs are the same, so they can easily understand what you feel.

2. Incredible Abilities Of Dogs
Dogs understand that our visual perception is different from their own

Once researches decided to put a man and a dog in opposite sides of the room with 2 identical toys in the middle.  They closed toys from a human with barriers – transparent barrier in front of one toy and non-transparent in front of another one. When the man gave a command “bring here”, the dog brought the toy, which could be seen by the human (transparent barrier). The experiment was repeated again till the man turned his back to the toy. Then the dog brought another toy.

In the same way if you didn’t allow the dog to eat something, he will not do it while you are watching.  But as soon as you close your eyes  or turn away, your dog will lose all his morals and take the food.

3.Incredible Abilities Of Dogs
Dogs think that we know something they do not know

Dog’s desire to eat the same food people eat is not just a suspicion that your food is much tastier. Even if you eat dog’s food, your pet will try to request food from your table.As long as you represent the pleasure of eating food, no matter what you eat, the dog will ask a piece.  Dogs want to eat what we eat, just because we like it, and they trust our opinion.

Scientists have found that if you give dogs a choice of 2 plates (big and small), they will choose the small one, only if you ate from there.

If you show that you don’t like the food, there is a high possibility that the dog won’t eat it either.

4.Incredible Abilities Of Dogs
Dogs understand the indication of directions

When you point at any thing, the dog will understand what you mean. Moreover, dogs are so sensitive to our guide signals that can understand our intentions, even if we do not actually point on the subject. Attract attention of your dog, and then look closely at the subject, not saying anything. This will be enough for a dog to know what subject you thought about.