Truth And Fiction About Large Dogs

Large Dogs
Large Dogs

Truth And Fiction About Large Dogs

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
There are many questions, for ever Large Dogs Owners

“Why your dog is without a muzzle?”

“Why you keep a dog in such a small apartment?”

“Why you have a big dog, if there are kids in the house?”

Why, why, and why. And these questions are the most harmless. Many people believe that there is a connection between dog’s size and his mental abilities. But the truth is that a big size of dogs doesn’t make them whether aggressive or friendly with people. Everything depends on the owner and the way he trains his dog.

Large dogs are dangerous

Most of people believe that all big dogs are aggressive. All right, dogs can be aggressive, but only if they are treated in a bad way, and it doesn’t mean that every pit-bull you see on the street is ready to kill you.

Large dogs bite more often than other dogs

This myth is connected with human psychology. Just imagine an example. Chihuahua beat your friend Alex yesterday, and another friend Mike was bitten by a Caucasian Shepherd. Do you think that Alex will remember about this little dog, which beat him? Definitely no. The one, who will remember the bite for years, is Mike, because it was more harmless. And sure Mike will tell about this case to all his friends. That’s how the stereotype appeared in our heads.

Large dogs are fast runners

Ok, fine. Large dogs have bigger paws. But how it will influence speed of their running? Probably, some large dogs run really fast, but not all of them. So it’s not a rule.

By the way, large purebred dogs often suffer from such diseases as hip dysplasia, what makes them feel pain every time they run.

Large dogs require a lot of space

It is a controversial issue, because need for space depends on the breed. Most of shepherds and retrievers definitely need frequent walks in open air, but there are giant breeds, which don’t require that much space and can live in small apartments. For example, mastiffs would prefer to have a nap on the couch than wandering somewhere on the streets.

Large dogs are excellent watchdogs

Yes, when you walk with a big dog, you are much less likely to be attacked and meet criminals. However, it doesn’t mean that any large dog can protect your house from thieves. Only hard and constant training makes dogs excellent watchdogs.

If you have children, forget about having large dogs

Who said that? Any trained and socialized dog can become the best friend for a kid, no matter if the dog is small or big.  Most of dogs like to be a part of the family and can understand how to deal with little children.

If you stop attempts of your child to ride on a dog like a horse, everything is going to be okay. So just in case, keep an eye on communication of your dog and the kid.

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