What if there’s no time to train your pet to have the nails trimmed?

🟣 If you are planning to get some procedures done at a vet clinic under sedation or anesthesia, make sure to use the situation to the fullest and get your dog’s nails trimmed as well. Stray dogs are often brought to a clinic for a general check-up, dental hygiene procedures and etc.

🟣 “Can’t see the trimmer – there’s no trimmer” technique.

You’ll need an assistant. One of you should give delicious treats to the pet, making him/her turn the head away (holding a jar or a bag of treats), while the other person is quickly trimming the nails without being noticed by the pup.

This method is not about training, it is simple distraction. The dog can’t see what is happening, so there’s no time for him/her to get scared. In the long-term, you should train your dog to remain calm during the procedure, but as a short-term lifehack, this works well.

🟣 If your dog is refusing all treats, but you still have to get the nail trimming done, your main goal is to do everything quickly, efficiently and not let your dog get experienced in biting.

Use a muzzle, hold your dog in place and quickly perform the procedure. Don’t complain, move your hands steadily and with confidence.

Are you afraid of a specific doctor? Now imagine that he/she is nervous and not sure what to do when you come for an appointment. This would make you even more afraid, wouldn’t it?

Even though nail trimming is not the most pleasant thing in the world, your quick and efficient actions will help your dog much more than your hectic motions and regrets. When the nails are trimmed, reward your pet with some really nice big treat, so that he/she has time to lick it over a long period of time and calm down.

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