Why do dogs smell everything?

Some dog owners get a bit annoyed at times, because their dog tends to smell everything around: every grass blade, every bush, every tree and every seemingly inconspicuous piece of land.

🐶So, why do our dogs smell everything and should we allow them to?

❗️Dogs cannot live without new experiences, their mental health directly depends on them.

It is only with the help of new impressions that our dogs are able to stay active and happy.

Animals experience the world using their sense organs, and nose is one of the most important sources of information for them – after all, a big part of a dog’s brain is responsible specifically for the sense of smell. There are even special methods of training based on “nose work” and aimed at psychological rehabilitation and intellectual development.

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners don’t let their dogs smell enough.

As a result, a dog that doesn’t get a chance to satisfy its natural need starts pulling the leash in order to catch a moment to sniff at least something before the owner stops it.

So, should you let your dog smell the world around?

Here’s a definitive answer for you: yes, you absolutely should!

Every now and then, stop and allow your pup to investigate the smells around. Take him to places where he can enjoy natural scents (a field or a forest).

Let your dog run off the leash, if it’s possible and safe, or get a leash that is at least some 10 feet long, so that your pet has an opportunity to step away from you without pulling.

▫️ What to do if your dog could spend hours and hours sniffing everything, but you don’t have time to stop next to every bush?

It’s okay to not always have the time to stop and wait for your dog to sniff everything on the way.

There is a solution. Teach your dog a “Let’s go” command!

If your dog gets enough walks during the day and you give it enough chances to experience the world around, you will always be able to come to a consensus with your four-legged friend.

So, when you say “Let’s go”, your pup will understand that it’s better to follow you now. There shouldn’t be any protest involved – after all, you provide your dog with everything it might ever need.

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