Why do our dogs dig?

Digging is a natural behavior for dogs.

This is what their ancestors did.
However, in our 21st century world, not all dog owners are happy about their pets’ digging abilities.

There are several reasons our dogs dig:

1️⃣Hunter instinct.
Maybe your pet sensed “prey” (in the face of a mouse or a mole) and tried to get it?

2️⃣ Boredom.
If you don’t give your dog enough attention, enough physical and mental activity, or there is generally not enough experiences in his/her life, your dog will look for them without you.
Digging is one great way to get busy.

3️⃣An attempt to cool down.
Dogs dig up the upper layer of the ground to lie on the cold ground and cool off.

4️⃣Collecting strategic reserves.
Maybe you’ve given your pup a treat and he/she decided to save it for a rainy day for some reason. And then maybe to dig it back up to re-hide in a better place. 🙂

5️⃣ Escape attempt.
Digging a tunnel under a fence is the most effective way to acquire freedom or get to that one luring object on other side – for example, for a female dog in heat for a male.

🐶Sometimes our dogs don’t stop at outside digging and take in inside too. What can this be all about?

▫️If your pup scratches his/her bed before sleeping, it’s completely normal and is another link to his/her canine ancestors that did that in order to create a comfortable “nest” in the grass.

▫️Some dogs dig the floor in quite a nervous manner and try to lie down in a comfortable position over and over again. If this is the case with your dog, consult a vet, this may be a sign of arthritis.

✔️How to you train your dog to stop digging?

▫️Analyze your dog’s life: are the 5 freedoms of a dog satisfied? If not, make sure to make certain changes in your pup’s life.

▫️Give your pet more attention and time, organize good physical and mental activities, train them to do tricks, try search games.

▫️If it’s hot outside, make sure that your pet has enough water and can hide in the shade.

▫️You can create a little dig-corner in your yard: dig some toys and bones in the ground and tell your dog to find them on command.

▫️If your dog’s goal of digging is to escape, then, well… reinforce the perimeter 🙂

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