Why do we talk to our dogs?

Why do we enjoy talking to our dogs?

Firstly, let’s face it, your dog is nearly an ideal listener.

Your pup will never interrupt you, or wave his/her paw in a dismissive manner, saying: “That’s all cool, but you have to hear that thing that happened to ME the other day…”, springing all of their problems you don’t really want to hear about on you.

Secondly, your dog is all about unconditional acceptance and will never criticize or doubt your opinion.

Dogs’ favorite humans are absolutely perfect to them, no matter what. They love us in any state: rich or poor, sick or healthy, regardless of our appearance.

Thirdly, when a dog and a human interact, the bodies of both release oxytocin, attachment hormone, which helps us be happy and confident.

Dogs fully depend on us.

But it’s not only them – we depend on them too. They contribute to our good mood, help us feel confident, healthy and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

So, why wouldn’t we talk to them tet-a-tet from time to time?

Do you talk to your dog?

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