Why Dogs Equal happiness : 4 happiness hormones

Everyone wants to be happy. And happiness is largely a biochemical phenomenon.

Our mood depends on so-called happiness hormones. Do dogs trigger their production? Let’s see!

✅Let’s start with endorphins, which are very important, since they make our life enjoyable and improve our mood.

Endorphins improve anxiety, decrease pain and stress. They help us battle chronic fatigue and depression.

How to get more of them?

Spend time in nature and exercise more! And what is the best way to do it, if not walking your dog?

✅ Serotonin.
Serotonin gets rid of bad mood, improves our emotional balance and increases our intellectual abilities. Serotonin deficiency might lead to constant sadness.

How to get more serotonin? Any physical activity helps, even if it’s just walking, as well as fresh air. And… here we go again: walk your dog and you’re good!

Serotonin production is also stimulated by doing what we love. So, spending time with your four-legged best friend (not just a dog) is a great way to happiness!

✅Dopamine – “interest hormone”.
Dopamine in our body is a “reward” for achieving a goal, which means that dopamine is responsible for your interest and curiosity, desire to learn something new and motivation.

What helps its release?

Doing what you love, learning new things – anything you’re interested in. And don’t all animal lovers enjoy getting to know their pets?

✅ “Love hormone”
Oxytocin is responsible for relieving anxiety, producing the feeling of satisfaction and calmness. Oxytocin also help form a bond and decrease fear.

Fun fact: when a dog and a person make eye contact, oxytocin levels in both rise ❗️

Oxytocin is also released when we play with our pets or hug them.

So, spend time with your pets and be happy! 💕

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