You may think that photos of Yuki are photoshopped, but actually no, he is that large.

Owners of that giant wolfdog have abandoned him when he was just 8 months old. He was left at a kill shelter. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed to have blood cancer too.

A staff member of Shy Wolf Sanctuary Brittany Allen said that Yuki’s DNA is 87.5% wolf, 8.6 Husky, and 3.9% German Shepherd.

Yuki in this photo appears to be too giant next to the 5’4 girl, it went viral on social media. Brittany Allen is the girl in the photo, she stated that the size in the picture is real and that he weighs 120 lbs.

She said to comments claiming that the photo is photoshopped the picture was accompanied by the caption: “The face we make when people say Yuki’s picture is Photoshopped… It’s just his fat angle guys. We all have one”.

The photo was very attractive to all people, it grabbed dog lovers’ attention, and even people who didn’t believe it. The giant lovely boy had a second chance to live when he was rescued by Shy Wolf Sanctuary. This story is to raise awareness and tell people about his heartwarming story.

“We rescued him from a failed house pet situation. Someone purchased him from a breeder and realized he was too much to handle. They dumped him at a kill shelter at 8 months old. We stepped in and provided a home for him and he has been with us ever since,“ – Brittany Allen told Bored Panda.

Image credits: Shy Wolf Sanctuary — Photo of young Yuki

The sanctuary received a call from the shelter in 2008 about an 8-month-old puppy that had been abandoned by his owner who stated that the dog

“was much larger than he had anticipated it growing and that he couldn’t handle the dog.”

Image credits: christaf

Workers of Shy Wolf Sanctuary posted photos of Yuki at his new house from 2012 and their impressions of his character: “Yuki loves women, showing off to visitors, and being super goofy”

Image credits: christaf

Wolves are known to be shy and go away when seeing people, opposite to dogs who are actually very friendly with people. Wolfdogs share the traits of both animals. In Yuki’s case, he is not shy of people and as a wolf appearance, he is very unique. So, when you adopt this as a puppy, you will never expect how much of a wolf he will be.

Image credits: brit_allen_

After years of Yuki getting a new warm house, the sanctuary knew the sad news of the blood cancer.

Image credits: christaf

“He was diagnosed with cancer last year and unfortunately it is terminal. We have dealt with this particular cancer before and ultimately you don’t really know how fast you caught it and how much time they have. Yuki has been fighting it for quite a while now and is persevering so it is business as usual while we enjoy our time with Yuki. When the day comes that he starts showing symptoms we will, as we always do, make the right decisions for Yuki’s quality of life,” – Jeremy Albrecht said.

Image credits: brit_allen_

Life is always a challenge, Yuki. However, with the help, love, and support of Shy Wolf Sanctuary and with also his strength, we are sure you’ll be better and will make it through the next many years.