Your dog is more superstitious than any human you know

Are you superstitious?

Or maybe you have some “lucky” items that will surely bring you success?

It might be a surprise, but people are not the only ones to believe in superstitions. Our four-legged friends do too!

Moreover, their lives are often based on these superstitions.
How? Let’s see!

🐶The owner is putting on a suit?  Expect some alone-time, probably for the whole working day.
The owner took some old jeans out of the closet?  A walk in the park is about to follow!

🌟Did the human prepare a ball?  Get ready for a training session!

3 huge bags are all packed and ready to go somewhere?  The situation says: time for a trip!

There are so many superstitions in our dogs’ lives.
And the majority of them really end up coming true.

Dogs are very attentive. They notice even the smallest things we do that we might not even notice ourselves.

✨One dog owner shared her story about it with us. For the longest time she couldn’t explain how her dog guessed that they were about to go for a walk. Her dog was already sitting next to the door waiting, when she had only barely thought about going and hadn’t even started getting ready. Sorcery, no less, right?

But then she did some thinking and realized that every time before starting to get ready for a walk, she briefly looks out the window overlooking the garden. This was a tiny, completely subconscious action. But for her dog, it became a tell-tale sign that it’s time to wait at the door.

These superstitions (or rituals) are very important for our dogs. This is because they bring predictability into their lives, and hence, also peace and security.

Plus, isn’t it convenient? Any dog owner can create their own ritual (superstition), knowing their dog’s ability to react to them. 🐾

Does your pup believe in any superstitions? 😊 Do you?👇

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