Your Dog Is Showing You Affection If He Did These 7 Things

Your Dog Is Showing You Affection If He Did These 7 Things

Humans have the ability to express how much they love their dogs and to show them affection. They use belly rubs, treats, or they even cuddle them on the sofa. We all know that these things are the nonverbal “I love you” we say to our dogs. So, ever thought how they say “I love you” to us?

Gratefully, dogs are great when it comes to communication. You just have to focus on every part of them. Because dogs use their body moves to express their feelings. From noses to tails, they can do many things to show you love and affection.


Nosing to show Affection

Most probably your dog came towards you and nudged you with his nose once before. This is an indication of affection though. When your dog does this, he wants to say “Hey man! I love you!” Nosing is also used to ask for attention. When your dog accompanies nosing with full-body movement and a long stare, he probably needs attention.

Eye Contact

eye contact to show affection

Eye contact is a very expressive act that shows trust and love. If your dog keeps making eye contact with you, that means he wants to show you affection and attachment. Your and your dogs’ brains release oxytocin when you look at each other. This is the same hormone that makes the baby-mother bond.

To be clear, we don’t recommend having eye contact with an anxious, angry, or nervous dog. We were talking above about the affectionate look of your dog.


You probably noticed your dog having a big sigh after he stretched out in front of you. For dogs, low voices, low groans, or sighs are an indication of satisfaction.

If your dog sighs when he cuddles you, that means that he feels secure and relieved.

LickingLicking to show affection

We all know that kissing is globally a sign of love and affection. So, even with dogs, kissing means a lot. Dogs kiss you by their tongues to say “I love you” in their own special way. It also might indicate that your dog respects you.



You probably won’t prefer this sign of affection, but you have to know what it is indicating anyway. When your dog jumps on you, it means he is excited to see you. The stronger the jump the more they care.

When your dog jumps on you, he wants to get closer to your face to look directly in your eyes or to give you a kiss as a welcome gesture. You may get annoyed by these jumps, but always remember that they are just trying to show you affection anyway.

Leaningleaning to show affection

When your dog comes towards you and leans his body to yours by his weight, he wants to give you a hug. This is a great way and the most preferable one that dogs show affection to their owners. They want to tell you “I trust you completely”

Some dogs lean when they are afraid of something. However, leaning calmly with a relaxed body means affection. They show you how relaxed and happy they are with you. They will probably wag their tails and open mouths too.


rolling to show affection

Rolling on backs to seek belly rubs is the biggest way of saying “I love/trust you so much” If your dogs roll on their back that means he is extremely relaxed and trusts you a lot.