your pup’s temperament affects training!

your pup’s temperament affects training!

Dogs, just like us, don’t always have a pure temperament type. Very often our pets have a mixed temperament: any combination of the 2 types our of 4 (choleric, sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic).

Why should you keep in mind your dog’s temperament type during training?

It’s important to do that because if you happen to organize training in a wrong way, it won’t result in anything good.

🐶If your pup is sanguine, it is most probably going to be easy for you to teach him/her new things.

You can raise the difficulty of exercises quickly, but always make sure that there is a balance between the processes of energization and inhibition.

Spend your time teaching your pet to control him/herself, and work on their attention span.

Don’t wait until your dog gets bored – try to not make your pet repeat the same exercise over and over and over again.

🐶If your four-legged friend is phlegmatic, don’t make him/her hurry and don’t get annoyed even if sometimes it might seem that your pup is a bit slow.

Give your phlegmatic pet time to learn something new. You might need more reps, but your patience will be rewarded in the future, when your dog learns the new skill really well. Also make sure to take it slow when you switch between one type of activity to another.

🐶When you train a choleric dog, try to avoid repeating one thing too many times, switch between exercises quickly, but make sure to avoid overstimulation or tiredness.

Such dogs learn quickly and are capable of concealing their tiredness very well, but then might “explode” all of a sudden. This is why if your pup is choleric, you need to be sensitive and attentive, and not put too much pressure on them.

🐶When it comes to melancholic dogs, it is crucial to behave very nicely with them and avoid any harshness. If that’s not done, then your pup might close off and lose their trust in you.

Melancholic pets need their human parents to be patient and kind. They will only be able to thrive and learn successfully if provided with a comfortable and safe environment.