10 Dogs Before & After Being Called Good Boys!

10 Dogs Before & After Being Called Good Boys!

We all have a special way to deal with our puppies yet there are words that all dogs know, for example: “good boy!” They are our best friends, after all, they are the most important thing in our world, so we always want to compliment them. However, we talk with them, share our secrets with them, and we know for sure that they will keep our secrets.

They love our compliments and good words, an enthusiastic Redditor made a thread that shows us how dogs reacted to their humans when they said “good boy/girl” and how they look before complimenting them.

The compliment makes them the happiest ever, just check out these pictures below of these before and after they hear the lovely words.

1. A quick way to calm him down

2. See how happy?!

3. Did you just tell me that I’m a good boy?

4. Not just the compliment, also a hamburger for the goodest boy!

5. He wants to kiss you!

6. He knows he’s the good boy, so confident.

7. He’s a shy boy!

8. Is it me?!

9. What? what did you say?!

10. Yay! I love you too!