German Shepherd is one of the best dog breeds and the most loved dog by humans along with Golden Retrievers. They are cute and protective that makes them able to be home pets and even working dogs.

The one who made the breed that popular is Max von Stephanitz. They can do a lot of things, they are also good with children and the loyalist dogs ever.

German Shepherd owners know how cheerful they are, and how they make their days better with their cuteness and activeness. So here, we have put together a list of some German Shepherd that will prove to you that they are the best of all time and the goodest good boys!

What are you surprised about?

Baby guardian 

If this is not heaven, what is?


Graduation Ceremony Companion!

Soldier Good Boy


Laugh out loud!

She Got A New Haircut

Best cuddlers 



Selfie Buddy

The Best K9s

Professional at cuddling 

Cutest puppy eyes