10 Naughty German Shepherds Who Didn’t Expect You’d Be Home So Soon

German Shepherds make us fall in love with their weird habits, cuteness and their loyal personalities. But sometimes, when left to their own devices, things can get out of hand, and the results can be hilarious.

#1 I know this looks bad, but we got a perfectly good explanation for it…

#2 “Hey!! You’re home! I’ve missed you so much!”

#3 This mischievous pup was caught red-handed.

#4 “Thank God you’re home.”

#5 I let myself out!

#6 “What do you think of your new bed?”

#7 “Umm, I can explain…”

#8 “Oh, uh, I was just testing out the new doors…”

#9 And in that moment, this dog realized the mistake he had made.

#10 This pup knows how to relax.

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