10 phrases your dog would say to you

10 phrases your dog would say to you

Dogs have learned to understand us very well.
But what would our dogs tell us if they could talk?
There are 10 phrases that every dog probably would like to say to its important human:

1. 😍 «Smile more often, please!» All dogs love when their beloved human is smiling. By the way, they also know how to smile.
2. ⏱«Spend more time with me». If you want to become the most significant person for your doggy, spend more time with it and what’s more important, make this mutual leisure pleasant for you both.
3. 💔 «I get jealous when you play with other dogs.» Ask yourself, why do you communicate with other dogs in the presence of your pet?
4. 🐕 «I wish you had my scent on you». Have you ever noticed that your doggy leans on you to rubs against you? The thing is, that your dog does so to leave its scent on you. Probably it serves as a marker for other dogs that this human belongs to another dog.
5. 🐶 «Talk to me!» Of course, dogs cannot respond to you – with words at least. But they adore when the owner talks to them.
6.🐺 «I stomp on my bedding before I finally lay down because that’s what my wild ancestors did before they went to sleep.” Despite the process of domestication, dogs have perceived the traits and instincts of wolves.
7. 💋«Kisses are so strange to me, but I will always bear them for you.» As a rule, dogs don’t like kisses. But they obviously love us and want to see us happy. That’s why your doggy will bear your kisses but if it show that it feels discomfort, you’d better stop.
8.💬 “I sigh deeply when I relax.” In many cases, when a dog takes a deep breath, it means that it is relaxed.
9. 🙏🏻 «If you feel bad, I will do whatever I can to help you.» Dogs will appreciate if you give them the opportunity to ease your sufferings and accept their help with gratitude.
10. ❤️ «Every single thought of you makes me happy.» After all, no one else loves us as much as our dogs! And what would your doggy say? Leave us a comment!

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