How to make a dog’s bond with the owner stronger?

How to make a dog’s bond with the owner stronger?

Dogs love us faithfully and unconditionally. Just for the way we are.

But despite this unconditional and boundless love, a dog’s trust and strong attachment still have to be earned.
Those who have this unbreakable bond, when in any situation the dog trusts you, when one look is enough to understand everything, will confirm that they have “one soul for two” with their four-legged friend.

Trust topic is very extensive and covers a lot of aspects. Let’s talk about creating a strong bond first.
There are a few simple things which can help the owner make his bond with doggy stronger. – Games. The more your play with your doggy, the more profound your bond becomes. You and your doggy get more and more pleasure from being together.
– Eye-to-eye exercises (establishing of eye contact between the dog and the owner). You can find a plenty of these exercises in everydoggy puppy basic course!
– Calling games. You can discover a few of them in our Games course.
– Trick training. Dogs like learning tricks. And it’s a double pleasure to learn with the beloved owner.
– Reinforcement of any dog’s actions you like and approve. This brings more trust into your relationship and leads to great results.
– Intelligence-training search games. You can find a lot of them in Everydoggy.

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