10 Police Dogs Who Put Their Paws to Work to Keep Us Safe

You don’t know how perfect dogs really are until you meet police dogs. They are another level of perfection. Nothing is more adorable than a dog who wants to protect you and save you from danger. Police dogs are the most popular working dogs in the world. This career is the most well known. They work in the investigation, protection, and security.

It’s shocking how much skills they gain and how much work they do when they learn the required techniques, such as tracking and finding lost people. They do have infinite talents.

We would like to appreciate working dogs and their incredible commitment. So, we introduce you to some dogs that have protected people in their countries. And if you feel like clapping after seeing them, it is normal, we all did.

1. Mike, Chile

This cute Labrador Retriever started his training program at Carabineros Canine Training School when he aged just 8 months. By the way, 8 months old is the perfect age for this kind of training and for making the perfect bond with the handler. So, he showed his friendly and playful side to the test alongside his skills until he turned into a member of the police force.

During working on maintaining security and safety, Mike knew how to detect several substances. His human partner taught him that, and he managed to catch a ton of them in his whole career, which is awesome! After he worked for 10 years, he got a tribute and he was granted a medal. Then, it was time to rest, and he retired in 2018.

2. Thomas, Colombia

One of the patrollers of the Immediate Action Command of the Colombian National Police has adopted Thomas. He was rescued by the unit and became part of the control team.

Thomas started his training program when he was a little puppy. He got excited whenever he heard the sound of a motorcycle and he could also identify the sirens sound of the patrol cars. His companion noticed how fast he got familiar with the work environment. So, he took him to the rounds. Now, they both keep protecting the country while promoting animal adoption.

3. Chola, Spain

Chola is still actively working in service at the National Police Corps of Spain. Her major responsibilities here to detect banknotes and narcotics. However, sometimes she also offers therapy and she is very encouraging. She is 7 years old now, and soon she will leave the dog unit. However, as she works and lives with her handler after she retires, she will stay with her human companion with other 6 adopted dogs. She deserves nothing but caring and love.

4. Frida, Mexico

Frida was the savior for Mexicans on the 19th of September, 2017, after an earthquake happened in the country. She helped in rescuing yet more than that, raised spirits of the scared people by reassuring them with her appearance with waring her special boots and visor that protects her paws and eyes. Her retirement was in 2019, however, she is still giving support to the Secretary of the Navy. She helps in the training of the new generation of rescue and search dogs. During her career of 9 years, she saved 12 people’s lives and participated in more than 53 rescue processes in Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Haiti. She retired in 2018.

5. Chato, Perú

Chato was a stray dog, yet fortunately, a police officer saw him and decided to adopt and train him. So, he turned into a police dog as a special operations agent at Peru’s National Police. He is a senior officer and a member of the rescue and search team. he follows his human companion whenever he goes, even on his motorcycle! The dog is one of the most friendly dogs and is easily noticed by his uniform of the beret and the glasses vest.

6. Kiah, USA

Kiah was rescued from a shelter she used to live in after someone took her from the parking lot of a supermarket with wounds. Now, she is the first pit bull to work as an officer at the Poughkeepsie City Police Departement in New York. She can detect several substances and also follow and find lost people.

But that’s not all. Along with her guide, she challenges the stigmatization that her breed has suffered from thanks to physical features and behavioral patterns. They want to make clear that breeds don’t matter, it’s the dog’s character that does.

Moreover, she challenged the stigma that her bread has and the bad reputation due to behavioral patterns and physical features. It’s clear now that bread doesn’t matter, the dog’s character is the most important thing.

7. Ryzhiy, Russia

Ryzhiy worked at the Nizhny Novgorod police agency on the 1st of July, 2020 using his string smell ability. His main work was to detect contrabanded goods at the train and bus stations.

8. Jaks, Canada

Following a career of 8 years, Jaks said goodbye to the Canadian Ministry of Environment where he worked with officials in many activities and investigations. Moreover, he worked on monitoring the proper use of natural resources. The dog also attended events and visited schools and parks as a part of the program.

Even though he retired, he is still enthusiast to help his country. He is living now with an official who adopted him after his retirement.

9. Dottie, England

In 2019, Dottie joined the British Transport Police. She helps in maintaining the safety of railways by detecting harmful objects and fighting the crime. She works with her trainer whom she lives with. However, after work, Dottie likes meeting new people and getting hugs and snuggles.

10. Huesos, Argentina

Huesos was rescued by one of the Cordoba Dog Police Division and so soon he became a service dog after he was a stray dog.

Throughout the 9 years of work, he traveled across Argentinian Province as part of the exhibition squad. He worked in performing ceremonies, shows, anniversaries, and academic events. Then, he retired in 2018 after he added a lot of joy to the team.

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