Dogs are not our life companions and the cutest fluffies, they are heroes and they help us every day without asking for something in reward. You even might not know it was your dog who protects your immune system, did you know that? Do you even know that he helps your kids in their problem-solving skills? Our dogs are in our hearts, and our health and happiness are in their paws.

Here, we will let you know that dogs have so much power more than just love. They are superheroes.

Your dog does improve your physical health

1. If you have a dog, your immune system is better.

18 minutes of petting your dog increase the amount of antibody immunoglobulin A in your saliva. So, it will protect you against microbes and improve your function.

2. You recover faster.

After surgery or injury, your dog can help you become more active after recovery. They can also make you be able to decrease the number of medications and pain killers you take and will feel less pain.

3. You become more active.

As you always have to walk your dog and make them exercise, you instantly become more active with them. Walking your dog increases your activity that definitely improves your health. Moreover, it can help you decrease the number of doctor visits and lowering your body mass index.

4. You discover your diseases earlier.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. So, it helps them detect anything that is wrong with you. They can smell diseases like migraines, cancer, seizures, and blood sugar levels change. Also, they will give you a warning with some specific behaviors. Just pay attention to your dog.

Your Dog Improves Your Psych

1. You are more trustworthy.

Studies proved that people do trust a person with a dog more than anyone else. In the study, participants evaluated pictures of people with dogs and without, and the results indicated that people with dogs look more trustworthy to the participants.

2. You look very attractive.

The same study also showed that people who have dogs were seen as attractive people. They are easier to deal with, and they look approachable.

3. You are less stressed.

Having a dog will reduce the stress hormone (cortisol) and blood pressure when you are put in a stressful situation. It will also boost your mood, not only because they are funny and cheerful, yet also because of the increased oxytocin in dog owners.

4. Dogs improve your mental health.

Dogs can ease dealing with anxiety, depression, and traumas. Your dog helps you feel safe, less lonely and brings you a reason for your life.

Your Dog Helps Your Kids

1. Your dog protects your children from eczema and asthma.

Studies showed that kids who had moms with contact with dogs in their pregnancy are less likely to get eczema by 2 years old. Also, the bacteria that dogs carry also impacts children and can save them from getting asthma.

2. Your dog makes your children healthier.

A study has shown that children with pups had less ear infection and needed fewer antibiotic treatment in their first year of life. They can also develop better resistance -in the future- to respiratory infections.

3. Your kids have better problem-solving skills.

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It’s important to know that parents are the most significant role-players here. If you teach your child to take care of a dog, they will develop better critical thinking skills, and also can find more creative ways to solve problems.

4. Your children are more sociable.

This was found in another study. When a pup was in a class, the students were calmer and more socially incorporated. Also, kids became more concentrating on their teachers.