Why Dogs Do Strange Things

Dogs are the most loving creature, who loves us unconditionally. They are the most adorable and strange animals, who do things, which are sometimes unable for us to understand. They have this inner habit of doing acts, which seems weird to us, built for them they are totally fun.

Some of these strange acts by the dogs are:

– Spinning into the gross smell:

There are many odors, which are disgusting to the humans and that same smell seems cologne to the dogs. They love to make this smell the part of them because they can’t oppose the smell. Due to this habit, the dogs make his hunting possible as he smells them completely and then finds his prey.

– The dog pumps when you scratch them

Whenever the dog owner scratches the dog’s tummy or back, they start pumping and responding to it. We might think that he is enjoying our touch, but he does the same when he wants to get rid of the flies or pests. The scientists say that your fingernails give them the same feeling as of the presence of flies or pest gives them that are why, they pump and move their leg towards your touch.

– Drinking toilet water:

This is not about the dirty water, but the clean water that the toilet has when flush is done. The flush brings in the fresh water and it is cool as well. It is good if you leap the toilet lid closed so that the dog will not lick any cleaning chemical or the dirty germs from the bowl.

– The wagging tail:

The dog cannot speak; therefore, they use their tails to communicate with their peers and owners. It is a common perception that when the dog is wagging its tail, he is content, but in reality, the direction of the dog’s tail tells that what his mood is right now. If you see that the dog’s tail is arched over his back and in the straight high, then he is not in a good mood. If the dog has the curved and high tail, then he is happy and relaxed. It has been observed that when the dog is alone at home, he does not move his tail and remain his feelings of his own self.

– The licking habit:

We commonly think that the dog is licking us with love. That is absolutely wrong! There is nothing like as love when he is licking you. Firstly, it is the way of cleaning themselves to or their fellows. When the puppy grows up, he licks his mother to show that he is hungry and need some food. The dog also licks you if he is injured or his joints are sore. You must take the indication and take him to the vet.

– Making a circle before sleeping:

Prior to the sleeping, the dogs have to create their comfortable area and they do that by creating a circle in the grass. They flat the grass in that circle around. They like to be in the safety aerate specially of grass.

Now you know about the strange stuff and the reality behind them that your dog does.  Watch the Video