Every person who owns a dog will tell you that getting rid of fleas is one of the biggest challenges of dog keeping. However, few people know how the process of getting rid of these fleas for good and most of them does what we call trials and error until they get it right. But after some time you find them saying, “my dog still has fleas!” Well, maybe that is true, maybe not. People tend to blame dogs for this one, but that is not the whole story. Below you will find few recommendations of what will work to fleas and what won’t work.
I am using flea controls, but my Dog still has fleas?

Almost all flea products kill fleas and stop them from laying eggs, but the problem might not be the product itself. Adult fleas usually spend most of their time on your dog, but the eggs, larvae, and pupae are found in the environment surrounding your dog i.e. on carpets, bedding and on grass. Therefore, for every flea you see on your dog there are likely to thousands of eggs and larvae in your home environment. So if you are relying on shampoos products, then you are probably wasting your money. An effective flea control program means treating areas that are flea nest as well as well as treating your dog. When doing this, you need to take a careful scrutiny on the kind of control products you use.

Common problems.

People do not realize that time is of the essence when it come to dealing with fleas. A small break in flea control can lead to intractable problems later on. Flea usually lay 50 eggs in just one day, so if left for a whole winter season can you imagine the number of fleas you will have to control. The other thing to note is that fleas eggs do not hatch at once, so you might kill some for now but one month down the line they come back to haunt you.

What is the solution?

Effective flea control involves killing adult fleas, removing all the other stages of the flea, and preventing a formation of immature ones.
You can start the process by vacuuming daily in high traffic areas, particularly areas within your dogs bed.
Continue with your monthly flea treatment all through the year without any break and you might find yourself getting rid of them. When it to treating your dog, you need to consider whether it is sensitive to flea control products all the fleas. There are control products out there that you can use in this case.

Use products that will kill adults as well as well as the development of flea eggs but ensure that your dog sleeping environment is clean all the time.