10 Things ONLY German Shepherd Dog Owners Will Understand

German Shepherds have been the second popular dog breed in the USA, and they have been in the top ten for decades. They have a good reputation and many people choose them for adoption. Here are 10 things German Shepherd owners only can relate to.

1. They love to use their noses a lot

German Shepherds are likely to explore everything with their noses. They sniff everywhere – doors, walls, windows, and so on. All dogs are great when it comes to smell, but German Shepherds compared to any other dogs are ranking the top in the ability of smell. That’s why they usually work as police dogs and detection dogs which is normal due to their great ability to smell drugs, detect, and track.

2. German Shepherds are incredibly smart

If you’re an owner German Shepherd, you can think that your dog is smarter than you. It’s normal, because thin about it, what can’t he do? These dogs are extremely intelligent and smart. Also, they have an amazing willingness to work with us. That’s why these dogs are excellent at so many activities and Obedience competitions are the top.

A German Shepherd, Black Lab, Springer Spaniel, and others preparing for Search and Rescue

3. German Shepherds are very protective

German Shepherds are known to be fearless and confident. They will stand on the ground confidently guarding their owners. That’s why they usually work as guard dogs and watchdogs. They might avoid strangers yet they are not hostile. This trait is amazing but it demands some effort though. You have to regularly train your dog to be fine with other people and dogs.

dogs and kids

4. German Shepherds are constant companions

Truly, people who have German Shepherd dogs are never alone. They always have their furry best friends by their side no matter what. Although German Shepherds are often slow to be fine with strangers, they are very kind and caring with their families. Their loving and compassionate personalities are a plus for their breed traits, and especially that they can be fond of kids. This means your German Shepherds will need to spend more time with you. So, take them with you whenever you go, it’s better than leaving them alone at home every day, all day.

5. German Shepherds are mouthy dogs

They usually use their mouths as if it’s their hands due to the herding heritage. It appears even in their names “ShepHERD”. So, their mouthy behavior is natural and you have to be ready for such conduct a lot. They will put everything in their mouths and will chew anything. However, it doesn’t mean you have to let them do that. It might be something normal as puppies, but when they grow up stronger it will be a problem.

images of puppies

6. German Shepherds’ fur

If you’re going to be a German Shepherd owner, you have to expect to consider hair as a lifestyle. You will find hair everywhere you go, on the furniture, floor, clothes, and so on. The norman German Shepherd has a double coat with medium length, it’s a lot of hair. They need to shed regularly and blow (lose all their undercoat) twice a year. Also, brush your dog regularly and there will be fur flying everywhere. But this will be normal for you one day.

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7. German Shepherd Dogs are known for working in different jobs

If you need a dog to accompany you in any job, German Shepherd is always a good choice. They can do all the dog jobs. They are fast, strong, agile, and have bodies that suit any work. They can join dog sports like agility, rally, scent work, and can work in anything like guiding, therapy, and guarding. That’s why people always think your dog is a police dog.

German Shepherd Dog with policeman

8. German Shepherds are super active

So, you are too! There is no way to lounge on the couch! This breed will never leave owners unless they have their daily walk and exercise. They always thrive for more activity and exercise. Your dog won’t let his energy out unless he takes his daily workout. Therefore, you’ll be fit and happy all the time because you will have this activity with him on daily basis.

10 Things ONLY German Shepherd Dog Owners Will Understand

9. German Shepherds are members of the Herding Group

If you have a German Shepherd, you always expect a nose nudge on your leg, back, or face. Your dog does this naturally due to their herding heritage. Therefore, besides these traits of intelligence and independent thinking, it’s normal for him to herd their human family members. They will also walk in front of you and look back to make sure you’re following them.

German shepherd puppy playing fetch outside

10. German Shepherds are caring and loving

They are very social and want to have more time with their families. They are always happy to be with you and to spend more time with you. They may be aloof with people they don’t know but this actually mean they give their love especially for their loved ones. Also, these faithful and loyal guardians and kind pets want to detect their lives to protect their families. You’ll never find such a best friend.

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