10 things your dog would like to tell you

Dogs have learnt to understand us very well.

But what would they say if they could talk? 🐶

These are the 10 things that all dogs would love to tell their owners if they could. ⬇️

😍 “Please, smile more often!” Dogs love it when people they love smile. They can smile too, by the way.

⏱ “Spend more time with me!” Want to become your dog’s best friend? Spend more time with her. And make this time fun for both of you, this is very important too!

💔 “I get jealous when you are around other dogs!” Ask yourself a question: why would you ever want to spend time with other dogs in the presence of your dog?

🐕 “I would love it if you smelled like me!” Have you ever noticed that dogs often lean on you and rub their fur against your clothes? They’re doing this to leave their smell on you. Likely, so that all other dogs that you might meet during the day know: this person already belongs to another dog 🙈

🐶 “Talk to me!” Sure, dogs can’t really answer you, at least not with the help of words. But they love it when their owners talk to them (even when it’s baby talk).

🐺 “I circle in my bed before lying down, because this is what my ancestors used to do”. Regardless of thousands of years of domestication, some forms of instinctive behavior characteristic for wolves still live within our dogs.

💋 “Kisses are kind of strange, but I’ll bear with them!” Usually dogs don’t really like it when we kiss them, but they love us so much, that they are ready to tolerate them – after all, they like to make us happy. However, if your dog clearly demonstrates how uncomfortable she is, respect it and try to find another way of showing your feelings.

💬 “I sigh when I relax”. Quite often, when dogs let out a deep sigh, it means they are nice and relaxed.

🙏🏻 “If you don’t feel well, I’ll do anything to help you!” Dogs are always there to lick your wounds. Let them ease your pain and accept their help with gratefulness.

❤️ “Even simple thoughts about you make me happy!” Because no one else loves us like our dogs do!

What would your dog say to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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