Why does your dog need a place?

Why does your dog need a place?

Some dog owners think that if they let their dogs lie on their bed or couch, there is no need to make a separate place for them.

But this is wrong ❌

So why do dogs need their own place even when you allow them to spend time on your bed or couch?

The truth is, just like any of us, sometimes dogs get a bit tired of socializing and need some alone time.

And they can only get it if they have a place of their own, comfortable, located far from any corridors and passageways, drafts and radiators.

Make sure the place is secure, with no risk of your dog getting bothered by anyone, including yourself and your children.

⁉️But isn’t a couch enough?

Well, if this couch belongs solely to your dog and no one else ever sits on it, then it is indeed enough. But if it is used by people, even only occasionally, and the dog has to vacate the spot for them, then how can your four-legged friend ever know if he will be able to rest properly? Your dog will always be expecting someone to disturb his peace.

This means he will never be able to relax and feel secure.

In turn, this will affect your dog’s health and might become a source of behavioral problems.

A dog can become nervous, irritable, start barking a lot, become aggressive or begin guarding certain things or places from his owner.

And even though it might seem like there’s no connection between these problems and the lack of your dog’s place, they are actually linked close together.

So, don’t disregard your dog’s welfare by denying him the right to have a personal place where he can relax in comfort, and get a break from socializing with people, including his owners.

Does your dog have a place? 😃🐶