10 Things Your Husky Loves to Do

By: Adrienne Farricelli
If your Siberian husky has so much energy he’s bouncing off the walls and pleading you to find him something to do, you can’t blame him. This breed was born to be a working dog. Unless you’re making him pull sleds , you’ll need to find alternate ways to entertain him, before he finds his own forms of entertainment—and granted, you won’t like them! Fortunately, there are many fun things you can do with your husky, and best of all, most activities won’t require year-round snow.
1-Going on Treasure Hunts
Feeding your husky from a food bowl can be boring. Unless your husky is a picky eater, he’ll likely wolf down the food in seconds. Instead of letting his kibble disappear in minutes, stop using the food bowl, put your husky in a sit stay and start scattering his food around the house in different places. Get creative. Hide some under rugs, in corners and put others on the window sill. Then release him for a fun, mentally stimulating, treasure hunt game.

2-Romping Around the Agility Course
Huskies are agile dogs, there’s no doubt about it, so why not drain that energy in a fun way? The sport of agility is perfect for this breed. Your husky will release pent-up energy by running through the obstacle course, but at the same time he’s kept mentally challenged as he’ll have to follow your directions. As with other dog sports, consult with your vet for the best age to get started.
3-Going Jogging With You
If you’re a fit and active person or want to shed a bit of weight, your Siberian will surely keep you on your toes. A nice, healthy jog will keep you both healthy and happy. Just make sure to have your vet assess your husky before committing to an exercise regimen and consider that those joints mature slowly and are quite vulnerable if your husky is still a puppy. Ask your vet when it’s a good time to get started.
4-Playing a Game of Frisbee
Not all dog breeds are eager to run after a ball, but huskies have a high prey drive which makes them prone to chasing after things. Give playing Frisbee a try. If your husky loves it, you can even kick things up a notch and enroll him in the fun sport of disc dog.
5-Going on a Hike.
Your husky can be your perfect partner for a nice hike. This offers a win-win situation where you both get to exercise, enjoy wonderful views and explore the local beauty of local parks and forests. Make sure to bring along a first-aid kit and check to see if dogs are allowed on certain trails.

6-Playing in the Snow
If you live in a cold climate where there’s plenty of snow, your husky will likely be very happy. Best of all, there are many fun sports like skijorning. In this sport, a husky wears a harness that connects him to a person on skis. No snow in your area? No worries, you can always do urban mushing under the form of skatejoring, skateboardjoring or bikejoring.

7-Going on Long Walks
Being an active breed, walking your husky is a must. Long walks will help drain some pent-up energy while keeping your husky socialized and mentally stimulated. Because this breed is by nature a puller, while you’re out and about, it doesn’t hurt to polish his leash walking skills. Which brings us to the next way to drain energy.

8- Obedience Training
Spend some time obedience training your husky and make it fun. Train him to sit, down, stay, come when called and walk politely on the leash. If your husky is a strong puller, try using a no-pull harness with the leash attaching to a ring in the chest area. Instead of giving repetitive corrective leash pops, make it a fun game of red light/green light. When he pulls, stop. When he’s by your pop a treat in his mouth and then resume walking. With time, he’ll learn that pulling makes you stop, and when he comes to your side, he’s rewarded with a treat and you resume walking.

9-Digging Fun
Many huskies love to dig and you may already know that if your yard has turned into a place resembling planet Mars. We often tell our dogs what not to do, but wouldn’t it make your husky’s day if you allowed him for once to do what he loves to do? Fill up a kid pool with sand and bury his toys there or give him an area of the yard where he can dig to his heart’s content.

10-Playing Hide ‘N Seek
To play this game, all you need is a husky with a good stay and recall. Tell your husky to stay while you go hide somewhere. Then release him and call him to come find you. When he finds you, prasie lavishly and feed treats.

And of course, your husky loves being around you, getting attention, playing with you and being fed foods he loves. As seen, there are plenty of ways to pamper your husky in productive ways! The best perk of all is that he’ll bond with you more as he gets to enjoy spending quality time with you. A win-win situation for all!

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