10 Useful Tips For Every Dog owner

Dog owner
Dog owner

10 Useful Tips For Dog owner

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Dogs and carpets
for every  Dog owner If your lovely dog peed on a new and expensive Persian carpet, don’t get angry, tearing your hair and shouting at the dog. Ordinary baking soda will help to destroy a spot and unpleasant smell. Pour soda on the spot, wait till the liquid is absorbed and clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

* It’s easy to remove dog’s hair from the carpet, using a squeegee.

Dogs and their teeth

Dog owner

Put some toothpaste on dog’s toys and let him chew it. Repeat every day and soon your pet’s teeth will shine from beauty.

Dogs and Ice Cream

if you are Dog owners In hot summer you certainly do not mind to cool off, eating buckets of ice cream. Why don’t you make healthy ice cream for your lovely dog? Place chicken wings, mixed with slices of apple, in a freezer and give it to your pet cooled. Believe me, he will love such ice cream!

Dogs and shower

Fortunately, many dogs, unlike cats, love to swim and bathe. But if water enters ears, it can cause inflammation. To avoid inflammation, put some children oil on a cotton swab and wipe dog’s ears. As an alternative, you can put a shower cap on his head. Try both methods and choose the most convenient.

Dog owner

*In hot days prepare an inflatable pool for your dog, and he will have a bath and play.

*Dilute shampoo with water, and it will foam better.

Dog owner

Dogs and their unpleasant breathe

All owners face the problem of a bad small from mouth of their dogs. The easiest way to get rid of this unpleasant breathe is to add parsley in dog’s bowl of food.

Dogs and their tricks

Unruly dogs can run away, if they feel that you hold a leash not firmly. The worst thing you can do in such case is to run after the dog, so he will just run faster. What you should do is to trick your dog and start running in opposite direction. Seeing such escape, dogs usually start to be curious and your pet will run after you, trying to catch.

Dogs and petrolatum

Dog owner ? then when Going for a walk with dogs in winter, we have to do more efforts to take care about health of our pets. Dog paws look similar to leather gloves covered with hair, but in fact they can suffer from frostbite just like your hands. Do not be lazy and smear dog’s feet with petrolatum before walking. It will help your pet not to have frozen paws and be healthy during winter months.


if you are Dog owner and your dog feel not well, prepare chicken broth with low-sodium level.

Prohibited for dogs products

The list of harmful foods for Dog owner  does not end with chocolate. It also contains grapes (leading to kidney failure), peaches, onion and garlic. Garlic and onion can cause anemia (blood cell damage).

Just as a reminder, alcohol is prohibited for dogs as well. We hope it’s not necessary to explain why!


And the last, but not the least tip.

Learn dogs language!

Dog owner