Forbidden Dogs Products

Forbidden Dogs Products

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
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All liquid, except water – Dogs Products

In fact, not everything we drink is healthful for us too, but for dogs it’s even worse. For example, Caffeine and cacao are dangerous for animal health and may even lead to his death. If you give coffee to your dog, it will be the same as alcohol for you.

*Sweet soda can cause high blood pressure, cramps and bring the heart rate down.

Avocado – Dogs Products 

Avocado contains a toxin, which can cause nausea, diarrhea and affect the functioning of the heart.

Plums and peaches – Dogs Products 

These fruits may lead to obstruction of the dog’s digestive tract. Peaches contain cyanide, which is equally harmful for people and dogs.

Persimmon – Dogs Products 

Seeds of this exotic fruit cause intestinal obstruction and enteritis. Highly not recommended for dogs!

Onion and garlic – Dogs Products 

Seasoning of dishes is good for us, but not for dogs. Feeding garlic and onion can lead to anemia and damage of red blood cells. Garlic can even cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Spices – Dogs Products 

The increased content of salt and fat in food raises the risk of pancreatitis. Spicy and richly flavored foods provoke excessive consumption of water and cause stomach problems. Dogs need salt, but in very small quantities.

Grapes – Dogs Products 

Many people believe that fruits are related to healthy products. Yes, it’s true, but only for humans, not for dogs. Grapes contain a toxin, which badly effects liver and kidneys.

Citrus – Dogs Products 

Citrus are strong allergens and can be harmful for gastric mucosa of your dog.

Corn – Dogs Products 

Corn is very poorly digested, so it has all the chances to get stuck in the small intestine of a dog. Corn is not toxic, but in large quantities it may cause vomiting, drowsiness and problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Potatoes – Dogs Products 

Recent studies have shown that dog’s stomach does not contain an enzyme, which is capable to digest starch. That’s why potatoes don’t have any nutritional value for dogs.


Never give chocolate to your dog! In addition to the presence of caffeine, this delicacy contains toxins that cause vomiting, diarrhea, and can negatively affect the heart and nervous system.


All sweets adversely affect appetite of dogs, destroy their teeth and negatively affect eyes. Eating biscuits, your dog will have soured, watery, bloodshot eyes.


Even a small dose of alcohol dramatically suppresses the central nervous system, respiratory and cardiac functions of dogs. Alcohol can cause severe intoxication (poisoning) and even death.


Mushrooms contain toxins that affect the body and cause shock.

Tubular bones of poultry

Bones convert into sharp needles in the dog’s stomach and hurt the mucous membrane of the stomach and other organs. You will not be able to help your dog in such case, so it’s better not to feed tubular bones.

Raw river fish

River fish has too many small bones and often infected with all kinds of worms. Thus, eating fish the dog can get worms in the digestive tract.

Excessively hot or cold food

Dogs swallow food, and they can’t cool or heat it. Unsuitable temperature of food can provoke gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases, which are extremely difficult to be treated.

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