11 Dogs That Look Completely Unrecognizable After Visiting The Groomer

    Dogs Before and After Visiting The Groomer
    Dogs Before and After Visiting The Groomer

    With a lot of our dogs being cooped up recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most are in dire need of pampering now more than ever.

    Shu and Tree, a South Korean based dog groomer do just that. Giving dogs unbelievable makeovers, turning them from scruffy canines into stylish pooches.

    Thankfully, we’ve collected some of the best before and after pictures, showcasing some of the amazing transformations. So scroll down and enjoy.

    Shu and Tree have really become an online sensation, with people calling their work ‘pure art’. Their videos on their Youtube have amassed more than a quarter of a million views. Check them out below: