12 Adorable Puppies Who Are Super Excited For Their First Day Of Work

Dogs play an incredibly important role in many jobs. Police, military, guide dogs, fire department: these guys are involved in some of the most crucial work on the planet, and they take their responsibilities seriously.

But before they are the highly trained professionals that we associate with these occupations, they are puppies!

Their tiny, little bodies might not be quite as intimidating as their full-grown counterparts, but never forget that these guys have an important assignment to do! In the meantime though, we can admire 15 of these adorable pups on their first day of the job.

1. It’ll fit one day!

2. It’s been a long first day

3. A sleepy guide dog!

4. There’s a new sheriff in town

5. “No one told me I had to know how to read for this job!”

6. He’s so excited!

7. “Don’t worry guys, I got this.”

8. Learning from the best!

9. They put the cones up to make sure no one disturbed him

10. He won’t be able to do this for long!

11. This fearsome canine will stop criminals in their tracks

12. Someone is having fun!

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