12 Of The Most Exceptional dogs on the Internet

1. George wanted to go to the dog park.

2. “Wherefore arf thou Romeo?”

3. I think the cat is trying to tell him something.

RHCP- Cat Stop

4. Paws, the Lego movie we need and deserve.

5. That did not end how I thought it would end.

"Come here kitty!"

6. Here is a cat with a little unicorn.

7. Those snowflakes didn’t know what hit them!

Ninja training

8. The best beach baby …

9. Our new favorite show, “Dogs In Boots.”

These boots are made for walking.

10. The term is “chonky.”

11. Impurrvious to your attack.

That armour is too thick! No way our blasters can get through that

12. Fun fact – Corgis are born without bones.

Hehehe he so floppy!!

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