12 Pictures Of Dogs Trying To Catch Frisbee

Chris van Riel, a photographer from the Netherlands who is very passionate about pet-photography. His goal is to capture the happiness of the pet and share it with all animal lovers. When dogs are so happy they lose control and become complete goofy! So, this photo session is about dogs in the mid-air trying to catch Frisbee. This is unexpectedly surprising! Check out the excitement, happiness, speed, and all of the great experience!

Flying In A Sky Full Of Bokeh

Flying Trough A Sky Full Of Bokeh

Speedy Excitement!

Ferocious Enthusiasm

Dog, Cat, Or Ninja?

Cat, Dog Or Ninja?

1 Of 2500

1 Of 2500

His First Frisbee Picture!

12 Pictures Of Dogs Trying To Catch Frisbee

This Chihuahua doesn’t have time to smile for the camera!

Hey Chihuahua, Smile For The Camera!

Twirl Swirl

Swirl Twirl

Little Superhero!


Rock it dog


Flying Dogs Are Real

The Sweet Taste Of Flying Saucers

Dolphins on earth

Land Dolphin

So close bro

Rocketdog's Brother

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