13 Tips For Training A German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a dog breed with great intelligence. Here is the list of 14 tips on how to properly train a German Shepherd.

#1 A puppy is trained from the age of three months.

#2 The clear execution of the command is followed by praise and encouragement.

#3 The command is voiced once, accompanied by a gesture.

#4 The sequence of giving a command and demonstrating with a gesture.

#5 The first time you do it in a familiar place, then you can change the situation.

#6 The presence of a positive attitude from the owner and puppy.

#7 The lesson ends with a command that the puppy performs better than others.

#8 The sequence in teaching commands for each dog and owner is individual.

#9 First of all, the puppy masters the command “Come” and “Drop It”. These commands are simply necessary for a quiet walk.

#10 Encourage the dog with a treat, affection and approval of the owner.

#11 Important! Cruel physical punishment is strictly prohibited.

#12 The puppy can be punished with a light slap, as well as take offense at him. Dogs want to give pleasure to the owner, and his resentment will certainly affect the pet.

#13 Attention! You can not confuse the concepts of “education” and “training” and start doing something sooner or later than the right time.

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