German Shepherds will be a part of your family so quickly. They always need your care, attention, and unconditional love. Your German Shepherds will dedicate their lives to you and will be your guardian angels. German Shepherds are known to be great for protection. They can work as guard dogs, your life will always be protected by having these protective, loyal, and loving good boys.

#1 German Shepherd’s bite force is 238 pounds, human’s bite is just 86!

#2 They are very intelligent and fast learners, they learn a task after only 5 repetitions

#3 95% of the time they obey the command they get

#4 They firstly were working as sheepherders and protesters

#5 They have two coats, the outer one sheds all the year

#6 They are heroes instinctively

#7 Some German Shepherds have an unusual color. Their name is “Panda Shepherds”

#8 German Shepherds are great if you love to show off

#9 They will help you reach your goals

#10 Their reason to live is work

#11 YOU are their most important job!

#12 They are somehow thin a couple of years

#13 German Shepherd is one of the most famous dogs in the world

#14 German Shepherds are not keen on strangers, yet they LOVE their owners so much