15 Dogs Celebrating Their Very First Birthdays

Awww, it’s not every day you turn 1 year old! These puppies are out of puppyhood and starting their adulthood journey, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

1. Today is your birthday!

2. Happy birthday to you, little one!

3. Not so sure about this party hat idea, but willing to let it slide.

4. Too bad birthdays only come around once a year!

5. Hmm, I was promised cake.

6. Ready to PAWty!!!

7. I love presents, but where’s the cake?

8. You went too far with the pawty clothes, mom.

9. No slices for you, human, sorry!

10. Snickers is a big boy now!

11. Mallory is having such a good time at her first birthday!

12. Roxie can’t wait to eat all these cupcakes.

13. I love my birthday suit!

14. So long, puppyhood!

15. I wish for more treatos, toys, and belly rubs!

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