Just 19 Pictures of Big Dogs That Will Make You Say Holy Smokes

Only scroll forwards if you are ready for Big Dog Content (™).

1. “Appa with this neighbor 😅. We’re training not leaning on our senior friends. He’s per year and a half old, 155 lb Great Dane 🖤 #bigdogchallenge”

2. “This is Tippapotomus- affectionately known as Tipsy 🐾🐾 Idea is a purebred African Boerboel, he’s 24 months old and weighs 80kg. He has an enormous bark but really thinks of himself as just a little lap dog 🤷‍♀️🐾🐾💙 #bigdogchallenge”

3. “150 lbs of 100 % pure gentleness & love 🥺 #bigdogchallenge”

4. “That is Romeo my 2 year old Neapolitan Mastiff. He’s now beginning to complete. We weighed him today and was 183 pounds of glorious love💙”

5. “Hello 9-1-1, Let me statement a missing person. I can’t find my husband.”

6. “Here’s our Great Pyrenean Mastiff Samson! He’s not really a livestock guardian but more of a toddler guardian. #bigdogchallenge”

7. “This is Jef. Jef is one stone lighter than me… and incredibly, very fluffy. His paws are too large to type, therefore the dog or cat human will it for him.”

8. “Our 75KG Great Dane Daisy with my 9 year old cousin. She’d lay all day providing everyone cuddles😂 Probably the most relaxed dog we’ve ever before had❤️ #bigdogchallenge”

9. “Big Boy Beethoven sits wherever he would like. #BigDogChallenge”

10. “Your dog snacks were never safe around my Apollo. I lost him about 6 months ago and miss him and his goofiness everyday 💜 #bigdogchallenge”

11. “Maam, please, this is a page for big puppies, not big horses. #BigDogChallenge”

12. “My 150 pound stud muffin Baloo. Trips to the vet in my own 2-door coupe can be … interesting. #BigDogChallenge”

13. “This is Aggo The Great! Don’t let his big size fool you, he is a big ole baby. #bigdogchallenge🏆”

14. “Zander, my 10 month old Great Dane, getting together with his new brother Elias 🥰 #bigdogchallenge”

15. “Guinness. 154 pounds of loving. Our Dark Russian Terrier. #BigDogChallenge”

16. “That is my house bear, Chewie. He tips the scales at 190 pounds. #bigbearchallenge”

17. “Big dog, smol individuals #bigdogchallenge”

18. “I can haz furry headrest? #bigdogchallenge”

19. “#BigDogChallenge River… the biggest lapdog there ever before was. Miss he 🌈”

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