14 Dogs Looking Perfectly Distinguished in Bowties

It takes a particular kind of dog to pull off a bowtie. These 15 pups are recognized beyond words.

1. Dapper, distinguished, debonair.

2. Bowties can be pretty too.

3. You linked my bowtie wrong.

4. I’m gonna wear this on pup graduation day.

5. Stripes are really my pattern.

6. Charmed, I’m sure.

7. How come this bowtie bigger than my brain?

8. Personally i think so handsome.

9. Can you adapt my bowtie, please?

10. An ideal little gentleman.

11. Just do it, snap my picture. I look amazing.

12. Discovered and dotted.

13. Okay, take this thing off me.

14. A moment of zen.

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