Beethoven who? Mozart what? Step apart, humans, it’s about dogs playing piano now.

1. “I don’t wanna play ‘Who ALLOW Puppies Out.'”

2. “Can someone move my note webpages?”

3. The perfect time to tickle the ivories a lttle bit.

4. As well as for my next strategy…

5. “I don’t need notes, I could play by storage.”

6. “Can someone get me my piano bench, please?”

7. “Finally, a piano small enough for me personally.”

8. “Hmm, I’m uncertain about this take note of.”

9. It’s about concentration.

10. “Is it possible to, like, not stare at me?”

11. “Is today’s lesson over yet?”

12. “Am I achieving this right?”

13. Practice makes perfect.

14. “Let’s play Chopsticks!”

15. “Look, I only play on Steinways, fine?”