Are German Shepherds good with other animals? Can I get one if I have kids? Cats? Other dogs? Any other animal?

Here, you will be sure that German Shepherd is the safest choice for such a situation. He is extremely friendly and kind to other animals. Below, you’ll see 16 photos of unusual friendships between German Shepherds and other animals.

1- Cats
Why is my German Shepherd obsessed with my cat?

2- Cougar cubs

German shepherd dog Cholli raises puma cubs

3- Monkeys

4- Cheetahs??

5- Bunnies

Crooked River German Shepherds - Dogs with their kids and pets

6- Parrots

Source: Insider

7- Goats

8- Pigs

Love: German Shepherd And Piglet Form Loving, Unbreakable Bond ...

9- Fawns

10- Ferrets

11- Cows

12- Gooses

13- Koalas

14- Foxes

16 Photos Of German Shepherds’ Unusual Friendships With Other Animals

15- Other dogs

Chihuahua humping German Shepherd - YouTube

16- And Human Kids!

So, you are sure now that whatever the animal you have, it’s always a great choice to get a German Shepherd!