We often think that we want to get away from all of it by having a solo vacation. However, we are naturally social creatures and loneliness is not the best thing for us as we think. Therefore, these people were lucky to find furry friends to keep them socialized during their stay at the Airbnb apartments. These cats and dogs hosted the guests very well as you can see, they gave them unlimited free cuddles, kisses, hugs, greetings, lickings, protection, and playtime. Yes, and certainly these people rated the service five stars thanks to the best furry cuddly service by these incredible hosts. So, check out below the best 19 Airbnb guests who were very satisfied with the service due to the adorable pets they met.

1. 5 stars for waking up with a cat licking up my face

Photo credit: Tan-zania

2. This is the best Bellhop ever

Photo credit: 3magdnim

3. The host was concerned about cancelling my stay because of these puppies, but I stayed longer!

Photo credit: G65Mondo

4. Benny is greeting us with his stuffed animal and it’s the best hosting ever

Photo credit: cdc420

5. Hector hosted me and kept me warm all night without any extra payment!

Photo credit: GallowBoob

6. I found this in my bed when I got an Airbnb in Japan

Photo credit: Pinionedspiral

7. The host is magical

Photo credit: pretty_dreams

8. This is the best Airbnb apartment we chose ever

Photo credit: maigrun

9. I found a pillow and a kitten on it as an extra gift

Photo credit: _jery_

10. What’s better than an apartment with its cat inside?

Photo credit: BitOfAWindUp

11. This is Belle, a totally different and unique host as you can see

Photo credit: missusrobins

12. I found this cat in the morning

Photo credit: Chispy

13. This grumpy 23-year-old cat was my roommate

Photo credit: Charming_geek

14. I miss my dog, but I had this cutie here though

Photo credit: DasGolem

15. Airbnb owners rescued this cutie a few days ago

Photo credit: isinoni

16. During my stay in Paris, I met Zeus

Photo credit: zillijmarie

17. Mewcifer was my friend during my stay in the Airbnb

Photo credit: JamesKPolk-on

18. Had a better host?

Photo credit: chornu

19. We didn’t know the house has an extra wonderful gift

Photo credit: ImAGirafffeAMA