Golden Retrievers are known for their charming personalities, and poodles are known with their unique curls. What if you merged these features together? the result will be… The incredible GOLDENDOODLE! This cute crossbreed is a new breed that originated in the USA in the 1990s. Goldendoodles are very smart and athletic. They are also hypoallergenic as they don’t usually shed hair which makes them perfect pets with allergic people. Check out below the funniest and most adorable pictures of these Goldendoodles that will make you fall in love instantly!

1. It’s meditation time!

Photo credit: jaggerdwagger

2. Before & after deployment

Photo credit: unwastedyouth

3. A human with more hair than usual

4. He sits on owner’s lap just like a good baby boy

Photo credit: WhackAttack

5. From little puppy to a huge grizzly bear in just 9 months

Photo credit: Hghgrad

6. Snow Lover!

Photo credit: oliverthegoldendoodle

7. We need to talk.

Photo credit: RuinMyWeek

8. Speed dog

Photo credit: Life_is_good-

9. Only SIX months difference

Photo credit: ELCH1NGON

10. One-year-old Irwen! HBD!

Photo credit: jimmybero

11. Oh… I got stuck.

Photo credit: RYKWI

12. The best coincidence

Photo credit: fabulous_doodle

13. Smiley goodest boy

Photo credit: Jivetkr2813

14. He believes he’s a human

15. We all hate Mondays

Photo credit: samsonthedood

16. Night out with the homies

Photo credit: neptunethedoodle

17. Fabbe and his human best friend

Photo credit: fabulous_doodle

18. We said he’s a human, now you can see!