20 Dogs Peeking at You Through Fences

Won’t you please, please, really please come over here? They’re hanging around oh-so-patiently.

1. “Hello, could it be me you are considering?”

2. “You are not mending the fence already, are you?”

3. Sunning the snoot.

4. “Have you seen our ball?”

5. Neighborhood watch.

6. “MAY I come over?”

7. “Move over, it’s my move.”

8. When there are a gap and you will need to pug it up.


10. “We listened to you had snackos?”

11. Nosy neighbor.

12. “The turf is greener working for you.”

13. Seems such as a rather noticeable fence, but Fine.

14. The fortress is secure.

15. “Can I fascination with you a seasonal squash?”

16. Fort Dogg operates over a demanding system of treat bartering.

17. Blep.

18. A ray of sunshine.

19. “What reports from the exterior world?”

20. Hole in the fence, or teleportation accident?

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