20 Dogs Totally Obsessed With Pokemon Go Because They Gotta Fetch ‘Em All

    Dogs Totally Obsessed With Pokemon Go
    Dogs Totally Obsessed With Pokemon Go

    Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the hottest free-to-play iOS/Android sensation that is Pokemon Go. Fueled by late-nineties nostalgia and the getting rid of prefer to “get ’em all,” folks have been getting up off their couches and outside to explore real life in search of Pokemon.

    The search for rare types and the love of the Pokemon franchise has gotten so huge, that even doggos have joined in on the chase! These guys are confident they’ve acquired this “recording Pokemon” business down, and also have distributed these pictures as their form of bragging.

    Also, they wished to know if indeed they can come to your place. One of them is confident you’ve acquired a Squirtle in your yard.