If you have children and a dog you probably know how similar they are in the attitude. For example, they think if they can’t see you, you can’t see them. So, They invent a lot of hiding position that lets you with no option but laugh!

We have compiled a collection of the best pictures where dogs have done their best to stay away from sights. You all can’t see them, right?

When I close my eyes I see nobody. So, certainly nobody sees me as well!

I think this dog is just not fully aware of his size.

Curtains hiding is so common, must be the perfect spot!

I am the BEST one in the game ‘hide n’ seek’!

I’m not a dog, I’m a sweater.

Okay, nice one.

Nothing will fall off when I go down, don’t worry.

The cat is not better than me, if she fits, i fit.

I will be hiding until they stop searching, or until I’m too hungry.

I told you, I can fit!

Eating stolen food in the hiding spot makes it x10 tastier.

No, doggo, try again later.

If they found you, pretend you’re not even hiding.

If you breathe, they find us.

You can’t spot me, can you?

20 Dogs Who Believe They Have Found The Perfect Hiding Spot

The strategy: merge with the scene.

Use every object you can.

I can’t see them, they can’t see me.

If you smile more, they definitely can’t find you.