20 precious photos proving that our dogs have our hearts

our dogs have our hearts
our dogs have our hearts

Is there anything better than a cute dog doing something even cuter? We dare say no. So enjoy these 20 pups who are incredibly adorable.

The Lab and the Duck

With Mother Duck missing, Fred took over the parenting role for these ducklings. They follow Fred everywhere and even bathe with him! Fred looks like he could use a nap.

A Sistine Chapel

These two did a pretty perfect reaction of the classic painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling depicting Adam and God. This could be the next classic!

I sits

Is there ever a more perfect chair for a dog? Her mom said, “She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again.” Sorry about your luck kitty.

I didn’t do it

If you’re a dog person, you’ve probably come home to this a time or two. Dogs are awfully convincing they didn’t commit the crime.


That’s the face of someone ready for all the treats. Maybe that face will convince his owner to snag him some extra bones. I mean, who can say no to that level of excitement?

Dr. Dog

You can train your dog to do a lot but this dog learned that when his owner is sick, fluids are necessary STAT! This is one smart pup.

Future Best Friends

When this mama became pregnant, her pup never left her side. Instead of watching TV in her own bed, she picked mom’s lap.

Meet the neighbors

It’s not always easy to meet the neighbors and make friends as a human but these dogs prove it can be easier than we think. They got to meet the dogs before they met the people next door.

Don’t wet the ears

This German shepherd doesn’t mind a bath but you cannot get those ears wet.


This dog knows how to ride in style.

Coach is not impressed

When this dog showed up to every basketball game, they made him an honorary member by gifting him a jersey. He watches very closely and lets the team know how he feels. They better be on their A-game.

Log sitting?

This mama told her dog to sit on the log and this is what she got. Not the way most dogs sit.

Happy with anything

Even though this girl flattened her ball, she’s still pretty happy with it. Just look at that face.

Always the baby

People always call their dogs their baby and this duo meant it. This pup sure loves their mama and mama is happy to oblige in the cuddle fest.

Stuffed Animals Required

For this pup, a stuffed animal is necessary to get a restful night of sleep or a good nap in. Maybe all dogs are just babies with fur?

Sleeping on the job

This new employee may not last long after falling asleep on the job.

Too tired for dinner

Sometimes, we’re all too tired to eat. Even dogs, shockingly enough.

Rainy Days

No one likes being out in the rain, including this pup. Naturally, they needed a raincoat.

Not the best listeners

These two crazy pups’ owner said, “10 seconds after I explained that they aren’t allowed in the water.” Listening maybe isn’t their strong suit.


With Parkour being all the rage, this Husky wanted in on the action. He’s a natural. Watch out American Ninja Warrior.

We hope these precious pups warmed your heart as they did ours!

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