These photos shows cute puppy grows into a majestic dog!

This couple had been photographing their puppy each month, and they couldn’t believe in amazing transformation of their dog!
In just nine months , this puppy was photographed every month by his owners.This German Shepherd was brought to their home when she was just eight weeks old!

From a cute little dog, to a great and lovely dog, this couple said that they haven’t noticed the dog’s growth, but when they looked at the pictures they were simply amazed.

Don’t be shocked but this dog isn’t fully grown yet, she is not done growing yet. This dog is still puppy , and she might be bigger and eating a lot more.

This progression and growth is amazing , don’t you think?

She might be bigger, and eating a lot more, but for the dog herself, she’s still just a puppy , she hasn’t realized how much she’d grown.

When she’s ready to play, she’ll let them know, she would be all over them and saying “No” stops becoming an available choice sooner than you’d realize it.

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