Newfoundland dogs are extremely large in size and have a big coat. However, if you look closer, you will know that they are considered adorable giants.

Between the large dogs, Newfoundlands are the fifth in size, he is 69-76 cms high, and 68 kgs in weight. And if you add their huge fur, they will be even larger.

This breed was originated in a Canadian island of Newfoundland, fishermen used these dogs to help in their work, they can swim naturally and it was an easy choice for them. These dogs don’t feel the cold because of their coat that is large enough to rescue a man from drowning.

They are also very loyal that can be great as family pets. However, as you can see, you have to get a house with some extra space before getting one.

1. This Newfoundland owner puts a safety vest on him because people think he is a bear!

Photo credit: lioranvl

2. I will sit in your lap even if it’s very small, I don’t care!

Photo credit: reddit

3. 16 months difference

4. Newfoundland taking his pony out for a walk

Photo credit: newfy

5. He looks like a bear more than bears themselves.

Photo credit: maz-o

6. Cute giant

7. This is how he looks compared to smaller dogs

Photo credit: Thesmithos

8. I don’t give a damn…

Photo credit: jaydeejj

9. I thought this is a bear who snuck into the house

Photo credit: mugsymegasaurus

10. Tongue out for a cuter pose!

Photo credit: petagogo

11. He is a professional tennis player

Photo credit: mozman68

12. Looks like a bear, mammoth, and dog.

Photo credit: TheOneTrueQueen

13. Still a lap dog regardless of the 68 kilos!

Photo credit: wtwerner

14. Look at this cool haircut

Photo credit: dannygally

15. Newfoundlands give the best and warmest hugs

Photo credit: meyvos

16. 11 weeks old Newfoundlands

Photo credit: andyandtherman

17. Behind this smile, there is a lot of pain. HE WILL CRUSH HIS RIBS

Photo credit: bentleythenewfoundland

18. Okay, what do you want?

Photo credit: asscher_thenewf

19. He will follow the snow wherever it is

Photo credit: NickFromNewGirl

20. Relax time with the Best Friend

Photo credit: justarunner

21. This is the best house anyone can wish for

Photo credit: kernowbearsnewfoundlands